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   > What's in the Planning stage [research, sketches and composiition finailisation,etc]

   > What's on one of the Easles,

   > What's on the Framing Table,

  > What"s still to be Photographed,

  > Prints, [unmounted, mounted or fully framed] in 3 standard sizes, will be added to a separate page, shortly.

 Hello Friends,

I dropped out for almost 2 Months due to a family berevement, so please accept my apology.

Anyway, Christmas is over - hope you had a good one; and New Year arrived; again hope you had a feastive one.

What is in the Studio? Well I have completed the "Rocky Pools" painting and it is being Photographed and framed at the moment.

Easle 1: - have finished pastel painting on it and is being checked (2 Week check-up) before going to get mounted ; photgraphed and framed.

Easle 2: - mounted up with another pastel painting - "The Anatomy of a wave"  not very far, sky coloured and base color in the wave.

Easle 3: - is empty. researching a Acyric landscape painting.

Other:- Trying to put a longer term plan in place, easier said than done!

Well, I wish you all a successful 2023 and hope it is a better year than 2022. We moving forward, that's the best way.

Talk again next month,



Hello All,

September has come and almost gone ; It has been a very sad past week, with the passing of our deary beloved Queen Elizabeth 2; after reaching the grand old age of 96. She will be sorely missed.

We now move into a new era, with a new King and new Prime Mister. I don't envy either.

Art will still be the same, if you are down; there is nothing like art to lift your spirits and as an Artist I have jumped right back in. Having Sold the painting - "A White Willow" at the Tregwynt Mansion Exhibition, I now am spured to produce. Over the last 6 weeks I have been mounting "Prints". First there was the trial and of the 4 completed prints - 3 were sold. I have now 11 prints in 2 sizes, with a further 13 new prints to follow [All numbered and signed].

From the studio. An oringinal in Pastel ["Rocky Pool"] is almost completed.  Another oringinal in Watercolour was worked through and on the other easle, about 50% complete, rather slow [must be bit rusky with watercolour}. A 3rd original is being worked up and will start in the next day or so, this will be Acrylic painting. 

One or two older paintings have at last been found and will be processed over the next month or two.

There is another Exhibition to be held in Cardigan, in the "Corn Exchange"; from the 10th to 23rd October from 10;30 am to 4;30pm each day. So I will be busy helping there.

As Autumn starts and the days get shorter and colder, I can still try to get out there to look for some good Landscapes and Seascapes get them on photo; hopefully some will be suitable to use in a painting or two.

Well it is time to turn in and wish you all Good Night.






Only once the picture has gone through all the stages, will it be added to the "For Sale" Catalogue, however a buyer can "state their interest" in a particular piece, at this stage, by contacting me through this website.

August Newsletter.

Hi , it's Summer Holiday Time!

This is the time of year when most Art Exhibitions take place.

Picton Castle Exhibition [July 4th to July 31st] was a beautiful venue for an Art Exhibition with a dedicated Gallery [The Graham Sutherland Gallery].

The next Exhibition was the Narbert Scout Hall [August 1st to August 14th] 

The current Exhibition [August 15th to August 31st ] At Tregwynt Mansion has been a successful exhibition in a fine Gallery [The Ballroom]. The first of the prints for sale were sold here, success.

Whispers have it there maybe another Exhibition in October, details to follow.

The Studio has been quite, being busy with the Exhibitions and my Thursday afternoon duty at the TV Gallery, Haverfordwest; where I have some Paintings hanging. [More of this another time].

Of the 3 paintings on the Easels:- No1 - Thames Barges is almost complete. But No 2 - "The Elephant Family" - yes, it has been named, is complete, mounted & photographed and is on display at the TV Gallery, Haverfordwest. No 3 - "A Secret Beach" also named, was completed, framed and is on display at the Tregwynt Mansion exhibition. There was no time to get it photographed.

There is one new painting on the easle; unnamed yet and is also pastel, 35 x 25cm due to be completed, mounted and ready for sale mid September. Photo to follow on completion.

There are a number of painting being planned but they are still early days to talk about them now [something for next newsletter].

The other bit of news is that I have been working on a Twitter account, the address will be added to this web site as soon as it is operational.

Well readers that's about all at this stage, so it is good night to all.




June/July Newsletter.  

Good morning All,

This is the first of my "What's in the Studio" updates.

June is almost over and July is on our doorstep, a busy period for Artists trying to make the most of the warm weather and

in my case juggle time between my many activities. [details for another time.

This month has been very busy but I have made some progress:-

> Identifing, naming and photgraphing my stock Paintings and adding to the Web.

>I have 3 projects on the Boards,

    *  No1 - An Acrylic painting of Thames Barges

    * No 2 - A pencil sketch of some Elephants

   * No 3 - A Pastel painting drawn out and ready to start of the Pembrokeshire coast.

Photos Attached. ON IN Progress Page.

I will in the next month or two rearrange this on the webpage.