Paul Dell






 What is an Artist?

An artist, in my mind [when I was at school] was someone who painted pictures for a living. More recently, after beginning the journey of an artist, this definition has evolved somewhat: - “A person who creates, with their hands, mind and being and is their interpretation of the subject; be it painting, sculpture, music, writing or creating something of beauty, that conveys the artists inner most feelings and emotions, what they see, what they hear, an emotion for others to view, hear or see for now and importunity”


I am a self taught artist, I started learning by trail and error, from books, videos and Utube; speaking with other artists and joining painting groups. I painted with a lovely artist who showed me so much - Dee Cowell PA. I am still learning and meeting and mixing with some fantastic artists all of whom encourage and stimulate my emotions to create. I paint in Pastels, WaterColour, Acrylics and draw with Charcoal, and water soluble pencils and Mixed media. My subject matter is mainly drawn from my own photos, places I have been, and from fellow artists. I concentrate on Landscapes, Seascapes, Wildlife and natural subjects have a special place in my heart. I love the Atmosphere and the various light changes one sees in Wales, the changing colours that occur in the various seasons and the different times of the day. The soft colours that melt into the surroundings and then the challenge of capturing all these variations onto one’s paper. For me now living in Pembrokeshire, I look forward to a new chapter in my career as an artist.


 Paul (Chubby-name given by his grandchildren) Dell took Art at school as he did not have any other options except woodwork but the reputation of the teacher preceded him, so Art it was. The only success he had there was he learnt how to draw a rose. He went on to qualify as an Engineer and later registered Incorparated Engineer.
He retired in 2016 and went back to South Africa where he and his wife settled in Paradise Beach, Jeffery's Bay; here he got involved with the local art firturnity and gallery. He joined the Community Gallery " Palette" and joined the Kouga Art Society and Main Road Art in Port Elizabeth, exhibiting in all three venues with some success. Then in 2019, Covid arrived which seriously affected the society and Artists in the area, paint-a-longs were stopped but later restarted (with the 2m gap) but they got by, supporting other artists suffering from the isolation and loneliness.
In 2020 Paul returned to the UK and after looking around for an area to settle, he and his wife ( Maureen) decided to buy a home in Pembrokeshire, Wales. Since arriving in Wales he has joined the Fishguard Art Society and the Cleddau Artists group in Haverfordwest. 
He planned to have a functional webpage before the two main exhibitions that he will be exhibiting in; Picton Castle in May with the Fishguard Art Society and in Narbeth Scout Hall in August with the Cleddau Artists Group. Other exhibitions are planned.
Paul started to sell his work after he sold a painting to a family member and as a result of that sale received several further sales. Over the last 8 years his work has found it's way into homes around the world. 
Works are in America ; Southern Africa ; UK ; Europe ; Far East and other (unknown)
Paul's main love is Landscapes, Seascapes and Wildlife. He mainly paints in Pastels, Watercolours and Acrylics ; sometimes sketching in Charcoal and other mixed media.
Paul is a keen photographer having obtained a diploma, he feels he has the skills to collect his own material and subject matter on his various outdoor trips, these help to give him the inspiration to create his love of the natural world.
He considers his style as a "Contemporary Realist" stating it gives him pleasure to hear someone say "I recognise that place or animal or even a tree, flower or plant" He does not paint photographs and he does use "artists licence" from time to time.
Paul plans to extend his Originals with a controlled amount of special prints to give more people the choice. As his paintings evolve he will add them to this web page.